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2018 Christian Golf Tour

2024 Idaho Golf Fellowship

In 2024, our seventh year, we continue our major fellowship golf events, many for the benefit of local Christian Charities..


For Charity benefits we play a four person scramble. Other times we play other formats such as Designated Ball, always for fun and fellowship.


For the competitive golfers we do recognize the best score so play your best. But for the rest of us fear not because we have valuable prizes that are awarded to teams based on a random drawing of the score cards. It's all about Fellowship and fun because any team can be the big winner.

Our Scrambles are a simple four person format where each player hits from the same (best previous shot) until the ball is in the hole. The team score is recorded.

What's a Shamble ? Each person hits a Tee shot and then the preferred shot from the team is selected, from that point starting with the 2nd shots each person will play their own ball until the ball is holed. The Best individual score for the hole becomes the team score for the hole.

In the Designated Ball format, each player plays a hole as the designated ball. That players score is recorded as the team score for that hole. Play rotates so the second player is the designated ball on the second hole and so on. To keep it fun, the maximum designated ball score is double bogey and, anything within a drivers club length of the hole is a one stroke gimme.

You will note our schedule skips September. This is so we can support other Treasure Valley Christian Charity Golf events. Most of them occur in the month of September. 


Be sure to become a subscriber (bottom of our home page)  so you can be notified of all Christian Golf event schedules. 

Our 2024 Schedule
Idaho Golf Fellowship Shamble       Thursday April 25        Red Hawk

Love Inc Scramble                              Friday May 10              Centennial
Genesis CH Scramble                        Friday June 14             Centennial
Hope House Benefit Scramble         Thursday July 18          Ridgecrest
Calvary Chapel                                   Monday August 12      Boise Ranch
Other 2024 Christian Charity Golf Events
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Thursday, August 29th @ Ridgecrest

Clock the Logo for details


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Saturday Sept 21 @ Falcon Crest

Idaho Golf Fellowship 2023 Results

May 15th    Calvary Chapel Benefit Scramble                          Boise Ranch
Champions - 49
Lloyd Lehrke - George Amaral - Larry Ohman - George Bodman

June 16th   Genesis Community Health Annual Scramble     Centennial
Champions - 46

Glenn Coiner team

July 6th      Idaho Golf Fellowship Scramble                            Ridgecrest
Champions - 48

Bruce Swanson - Don Thoni - Jerome Prinzing

July 28th    Love Inc. Annual Scramble                                    Centennial
Champions - 46
Tom Purdy - Jose Martinez - Gary Davis - Emmett Munson

Aug 10th     Acres of Love Benefit Scramble                       Desert Canyon

Oct 5th       Hands of Hope Benefit Scramble                         Red Hawk


2022 Idaho Golf Fellowship Results

4 Person Scramble

May 21 @ Centennial (Love Inc.)  
              Tom Purdy, Warren Grover 
              Paul Simmons, Dathan Garcia

June 9 @ Eagle Hills Champions

Men's - 55  Bob Hansen, Bob Zimmer
                    Roger Billings, David Gibson

Ladies - 69  Sue Fahy, Tammy Andrus
                     Genny McGrath, Sue Whelan

July 7  @          Ridgecrest
Champions - 61
Ken Venard, Perry Palmer 
David Wirth, Jeff Moulton

August 4   @     Desert Canyon
Champions - 60
Don Thoni, Paul Graham
Gary Davis, Joel Barker
Oct 6   @     Lakeview (Genesis CH)
Champions - 47
George Amaral, John Minnon
Carlo Audagnotti, Max Phillips
Designated Ball

May 2      @      Shadow Valley
Champions - 68
Rick Speath, Curtis Elke 
Steve Bissett, Dana Gaston

June 23         @        River Birch
Champions - 51
Doug Armstrong, Bill Ford 
Bruce Swanson, Rick Price

July 21            @    Jug Mountain
Champions - 60
Doug Armstrong, Bruce Swanson 
John Lanterman, Glenn Blackstock

August 18       @         Red Hawk
Champions - 57
George Amaral, Ernest Lipple
John Minnon, Carlo Audagnotti

October 21     @      Purple Sage
2021 Scramble Results

May 3rd @ Purple Sage Champions   

Men's - 68  Dave Wirth, Jeff Moulton, Perry Palmer, Mike Thompson

Ladies - 86  Laura Bareither, Nancy Albert, Patty Mitchell, Christy Wang

June 7th @ Centennial Champions   

Men's - 65  Wayne Swanson, Greg Mayhugh, Dick Frost, Kenny Vaughn

July 8th @ Ridgecrest Champions   

Men's - 59  Bob Fedje, Glenn Play, Ron Tagney, Doug Domene

Ladies - 77 Patty Mitchell, Christy Johnson, Connie Johnston, Mahealani Edwards

August 5th @ Desert Canyon Champions   

Men's - 65  George Amaral, Doug Armstrong, Larry Ohman, Rich Shields

Ladies - 83  Shirley Bertholf, Patty Mitchell, Christy Wang - Johnson

October 7th @ Scotch Pines Champions   

Men's - 62  Tim Lapp, Court Etherington, Glenn Blackstock, Bruce Swanson

Ladies - 85  Laura Bareither, Nancy Albert, Lingfei Carlisle, Christy Wang

May 7, 2018                      

Centennial Golf Club

2020 Scramble Results

June 8th @ Centennial Champions   

Men's - 65 Nate Humes, Heath Van Wyk, Derek Hoffman, Mark Miller

Ladies - 76 Joyce Branter, Charlie Johnson, Christy Wang

July 6th @ Ridgecrest Champions

Men's - 66 Tim Cowles, Art Ortman, Don Pettinger, Bryan Smith

Ladies - 84 Laura Bareither, Nancy Albert, Peggy Ohman

August 10th @ Timberstone Champions

Mixed Team - 63 Ken Crist, Fred Haines, Becky Zimmerman, Dorothy Sells

Ladies - 80 Peggy Ohman, Christy Wang

September 14th @ River Birch Champions

Men's - 64 Doug Armstrong, Tim Olson, James Marvin, Tom Purdy

October 5th @ Purple Sage Champions

Men's - 63 Dave Wirth, Jeff Moulton, Mike Thompson, Perry Palmer

2019 Scramble Results

May 6 @ Red Hawk


Purple Sage - 63

June 3rd @ Falcon Crest


Pierce Park Greens - 66

July 8th @ Ridgecrest

Champions - 65

Todd Kraft - Jim Vegh
Gary Johnston - Kevin Fehrmann

August 19 @ Centennial

Champions - 63

Centennial #2

Ladies - 73

Connie Johnston - Carol Ann Stewart

Wendy Tunison - Joylynn Vegh

Sept 9 @ River Birch

Mens Champions - 64

Rick Price - Bill Ford

Dave Sutton - Donnie Gregerson

Ladies - 81

Jennie Morton- Sheri Bialke

Diane Bertero - Lynda Anderson

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River Birch Logo.png
2018 Scramble Results
May 7, 2018
Centennial Golf Fellowship 
Oregon Trail Church of God  - 68

   June 11, 2018

River Birch Golf Club 


Centennial Golf Fellowship - 67

   July 9, 2018

Ridgecrest Golf Club 


Centennial Golf Fellowship - 69

August 13, 2018

Falcon Crest Golf Club


Centennial Golf Fellowship  - 66

Falcon Crest Logo.jpg
September 24, 2018
Lakeview Golf Club
Carl Wibus, Dan Forcey - 69
Jeff Moulton
Lakeview Logo.jpg
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